ShipWars System

To install XShipWars following these steps:

1. Download and compile the source:

(Only the XShipWars client needs to be compiled and installed to play)

Download and compile dependencies as needed:

If you do not have X or want to run in a terminal then you can use SWTerm instead of XSW:

You will still need to download the data files below even if you are using SWTerm.

2. Download the data files:

Install/extract in /usr/share/games/xshipwars/

3. Download a graphics and sounds set:

Install/extract in /usr/share/games/xshipwars/

4. Run the XShipWars client and connect to a universe:


The ShipWars System is copyright © 1997-2008 Wolfpack Entertainment
And is distributed under the GNU Public License